Nick Name

Kid Vulcan

Great Vulcan

Civilian ID
Gabriel "Gabe" Summers




Legal Status

Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.

Former slave of the Shi'ar Empire.

Nation or Planet of Origin
Chandilar, Shi'ar Galaxy
Group Affiliation
Secret X-Men
Base of Operations
180 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Known Powers

Mutation resulting in an ability to manipulate energy to create light, heat, electricity, kinetic force; warp or disable existing energy sources, tap into and suppress the energies of other mutants; capable of both terrestrial and interstellar flight without mechanical assistance.

Common Enemies

Shi'ar Empire


Regularly Appearing

X-Men Vol. 2

X-Men: Deadly Genesis

First Appearance
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 (Jan. 2006)
Ed Brubaker & Trevor Hairsine

After spotting an advanced scout ship of the alien Shi'ar, Air Force Major Christopher Summers and his pregnant wife were teleported from their private aircraft to the alien ship and transported across the galaxy to the Shi'ar Empire.

While imprisoned by the Shi'ar Empire, Katherine was brutally murdered by the tyrannical D'ken, who ripped a yet unborn child from her womb. Unable to survive on its own the pre-mature child was put in an incubation chamber and accelerated to maturity.

Sent to a secret Shi'ar base in the wilderness of the north-eastern United States he was assigned the duty of a slave. His only link to Earth was a battered book on Roman Mythology gifted to him by a sympathetic Shi'ar. After his mutant powers to control heat and energy surfaced he escaped going underground and assuming the name Gabriel.

Found hiding in the sewers of New York City, Gabriel was remanded to the custody of of the renowned mutant researcher Dr. Moira MacTaggert. Where he trained to harness his profound powers as Vulcan.