Nick Name
Civilian ID

Spymaster I


Spymaster II

Nathan Lemon

Spymaster III

Sinclair Abbott


Spymaster I & II

Industrial Spy


Spymaster III

Industrial Spy



Legal Status

Spymaster I & II

Citizens of an unknown nation.

Spymaster III

Citizen of the United States.

Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation

Spymaster I


Espionage Elite

Operative of Justin Hammer


Spymaster II

Espionage Elite

Operative of Justin Hammer

Spymaster III


Base of Operations

Spymaster I & II


Spymaster III

New York, New York


Spymaster I: 6' 1"

Spymaster II: ~6'

Spymaster III: ~6'


Spymaster I: 215 lbs.

Spymaster II: ~200 lbs.

Spymaster III: ~200 lbs.

Eye Color

Spymaster I: Hazel

Spymaster II & III: Unknown

Hair Color

Spymaster I: Blonde

Spymaster II: Unknown

Spymaster III: Blonde

Known Powers

Normal humans mastering the arts of espionage; including surveillance, intrusion, explosives, disguise and both armed and unarmed combat.


Spymaster Uniform: Kevlar lined and insulated to be both resistant to physical penetration, electricity and temperature extremes.

Wide variety of equipment and weaponry determined by assignment.

Common Enemies

Iron Man I

Nick Fury


Regularly Appearing

Iron Man Vol. 1 & 3

Iron Man: The Inevitable

First Appearance

Spymaster I

Iron Man Vol. 1 #33 (Jan. 1971)

Spymaster II

Iron Man Vol. #254 (March, 1990)

Spymaster III

Iron Man: The Inevitable #1 (Feb. 2006)


Spymaster I

Allyn Brodsky & Don Heck

Spymaster II

Bob Layton

Spymaster III

Joe Casey & Frazer Irving


The first Spymaster and his operatives the Espionage Elite were contracted by the criminal organization Zodiac to kidnap the industrialist Tony Stark (Iron Man I), and steal classified industrial designs for the espionage organization S.H.I.E.L.D.

The plan failed when Stark escaped and returned as Iron Man. The Espionage Elite were captured, but Spymaster escaped to plague Stark again, most notably when he sold the plans of the Iron Man armor to many of the Iron Avenger's enemies sparking the Armor Wars - Stark's quest to render the technology inert.

Spymaster apparently died at the hands of another high-tech criminal known as the Ghost, who employs his uniform's ability to render himself and objects intangible to commit acts of industrial espionage. Ghost murdered Spymaster by leading him into a wall before reverting him tangible again, but this was later revealed to be a hoax to elude the Spymaster's enemies.

Nathan Lemon, the second Spymaster, a graduate of Taskmaster's Academy, plagued Tony Stark while in the employ of the corrupt industrialist, and Stark competitor, Justin Hammer, by injecting Stark with rouge cells causing erratic and violent behavior.

Some time later, after he arranges the arrest and death of Nathan Lemon, wealthy industrialist Sinclair Abbot dedicates himself to bringing about Tony Stark's destruction as the latest Spymaster.