Space Phantom

Space Phantoms

Nick Name
Civilian ID
Lack Individual Identities

Military Strategist


Legal Status
Citizens of Phantus
Nation or Planet of Origin
Phantus, Phalbo System, Milky Way Galaxy
Group Affiliation

Agent ofImmortus


Note: The Space Phantom's affiliation with HYDRA was while impersonating Madame Hydra.

Base of Operations
Transtemporal realm of Limbo
6' 8" - Varies
215 lbs. - Varies
Eye Color
Blue - Varies
Hair Color
Red - Varies
Known Powers

Genetically altered alien with an ability to assume the form and powers of any living being - while simultaneously transporting that individual into the transtemporal realm know as Limbo.

Note: When the Space Phantom assumes his natural form or that of another the individuals whom he imitated reappears from Limbo in the exact spot from which they disappeared with no memory of their experience.

Common Enemies


Captain America I

Hulk II


Regularly Appearing

Avengers Vol. 1

Thor Vol. 1

First Appearance
Avengers Vol. 1 #2 (Nov. 1963)
Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

On the alien world Phantus a temporal war in which either side pressed the advantage in combat by constantly changing the outcome of past battles, the fabric of space-time ruptured casting the planet out of normal space into the realm know as Limbo. Prior to this calamity one of the planet's military strategist foresaw the events to come and escaped the planet in a chronal capsule - although it became damaged and he also was trapped in Limbo - where he was found by the realm's master Immortus, who offered freedom from the timeless dimension in exchange for the alien's services. Sending the alien to Earth to abduct victims for him to study, Immortus altered the alien's biology giving him the power to become a Space Phantom.