Nick Name
Civilian ID



Amichai Benvenisti

B. Byron Briggs

Dale Fyfe


Helmut Stein

Holt Adler

Leni Zauber

Mallory Brickman

Millicent Hardwick

Raven Darkhölme

Raven Wagner

Ronnie Lake

Surge III

various others






Deputy Director U.S. Defense Dept.

Espionage Agent

Mutant Rights Activist


Note: Mystique used the alias of Mallory Brickman, wife of Senator Ralph Brickman, in her career at the Defense Department. Her career ended at the DOD when the High Evolutionary temporarily eliminated mutantism worldwide, exposing her true form while she was working at the office.

Legal Status
Citizen of Germany with a pardoned and later reinstated criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Most likely Germany or Austria.
Group Affiliation

Brotherhood of Mutants

Freedom Force





Base of Operations

Arlington, Virginia


5' 10" - Varies
120 lbs.
Eye Color
Yellow - Varies
Hair Color
Red - Varies
Skin Tone
Blue - Varies
Known Powers

Mutation resulting in ability to metamorph; changing the molecular structure of her body into virtually any appearance including the clothing she is wearing. Ability is not limited to human or humanoid species or sex and can be detailed precisely, duplicating both retina patterns, finger prints and voice.

Extremely long life expectancy with an immunity to most drugs and poisons; and an ability to rapidly heal minor wounds.

Excellent hand-to-hand combatant with military training.

Note: Mystique's ability to change shape is limited to her actual mass and may be limited to forms having humanoid physiology. She can not imitate the abilities of other superpowered beings, with few rare exceptions.

Note: In the guise of Surge, Mystique wore an electro-pack to discharge electrostatic energy.

Civilian and military weaponry.
Common Enemies

(The) Host

Ms. Marvel


Regularly Appearing

Ms. Marvel

Mystique Vol. 1

Uncanny X-Men

X-Factor Vol. 1

X-Men Vol. 2

First Appearance

Raven Darkholme

Ms. Marvel #16 (April, 1978)


Ms. Marvel #18 (June, 1978)

Chris Claremont & Jim Mooney

Little is known of Raven Darkholme, including her normal appearance, age or if her stated name is her given name. She has used her metamorphic abilities to assume countless identities including a German baroness and a United States Senator's wife. As a Senator's wife she rose within the ranks of the United States Defense Department, obtaining secret military information and other classified data.

Her relationship to the mutant community has been at times tumultuous. She has been both a member of the team of heroes called X-Factor as well as the founder of an incarnation of terrorist known as the Brotherhood of Mutants. She is the foster-mother of the mutant Anna Raven (Rogue), the mother of Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) as well as two normal human children, a daughter with Senator Brickman named Gloria and a son with the mutant Victor Creed (Sabretooth) named Graydon.

Graydon Creed, an anti-mutant activist and one-time candidate for the United States Presidency was assassinated during his campaign, most likely by the mutant-hunting android Bastion.

After having her cover blown at the Department of Defense, she has since returned to her subversive practices as the terrorist, Mystique.