Mole Man
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Harvey Rupert Elder

Ruler of Subterranea


Legal Status
Ruler of Subterranea
Nation or Planet of Origin
United States
Group Affiliation

Monster Hunters


Base of Operations
4' 10"
165 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human developing heightened non-visual senses and a limited radar sense due to sensory deprivation within the dark confines of Subterranea.

Genius level intelligence.

Good hand-to-hand combatant with skills resembling the martial arts.


Staffs: Various walking staffs which are equipped with a wide variety of offensive weapons including electronic blasters, flame throwers, vibro-charge blasters and laser cannons.

Various devices and technologies developed from technology once belonging to the ancient race known as the Deviants.

Various monsters found native on Monster Island and legions of subterranean creatures known as Subterraneans or Moloids.

Common Enemies

Fantastic Four



Regularly Appearing

Fantastic Four Vol. 1, 2 & 3

Fantastic Four: Foes

Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #1 (Nov. 1961)
Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Harvey Elder never found acceptance in society due to his appearance. Craving adventure he attempted to join an explorer's club which sponsored a trio of adventurers known as the Monster Hunters.

Following the Monster Hunters to the legendary Monster Island he found his way into Subterranea, where Elder was nearly blinded in the Valley of the Diamonds. Alone and without his sight Elder encountering a race of subservient beings he dubbed Moloids and technology abandoned by an ancient race known as the Deviants.

Building an underground empire - Elder targeted his desire for revenge against those that shunned him on the surface world as the menacing, monster controlling Mole Man.