Mandarin II
Nick Name
Son of the Mandarin
Civilian ID

Buddhist Monk

Criminal Leader

Legal Status
Citizen of China with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation
Base of Operations
175 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Black - Shaved Bald
Known Powers

Normal human with mastery of the martial arts.

Exceptional hand-to-hand combatant.

Above average intelligence with skills in the art, science, literature, philosophy and medicine of the Orient.


Makluan Rings: Ten devices used as a near-limitless energy source for their starship warp-drive engines by the dragon-like alien race called the Makluan.

List of Rings:

  • Black Light Ring: Blue gemmed ring which can crate an area of absolute darkness.

  • Disintegration Ring: Single amber gemmed ring which destroys molecular bonds.

  • Electro-Blast Ring: Single green gemmed ring which emits a beam of high-voltage electricity.

  • Flame Blast Ring: Red gemmed ring that emits intense infrared radiation producing intense heat.

  • Ice Blast Ring: White gemmed ring that emits waves of cold which causes the air in its path to turn to ice.

  • Impact Beam Ring: Single violet pentagram gemmed ring which can produce various forms of concussive energies, magnetic waves and sonic vibrations.

  • Matter Rearranger Ring: Single small garnet gemmed ring capable of rearranging or changing the molecular activity of substances.

  • Mento-Intensifier Ring: Single blue gemmed ring which allows for the mental control of others.

  • Vortex Ring: Single small blue gemmed ring capable of creating a localized high-speed wind vortex.

  • White Light Ring: Twin small white gemmed ring capable of emitting various forms of electromagnetic energy.

  • Note: The first Mandarin wore the devices as rings and discovered a means to mentally control their powers as weapons.

Common Enemies
Iron Man I
Regularly Appearing
Agents of Atlas Vol. 2
Iron Man Vol. 3
First Appearance
Iron Man Vol. 3 #53 (June, 2002)
Mike Grell & Ryan Odagawa

The son of the criminal known as the Mandarin, Temugin was raised in a solitary monastic life within the gates of a remote walled city. Despising his father for abandoning him, Temugin turned his anger towards learning the art of war, but in time he found peace and turned his efforts towards more gentle pursuits.

Content in his solitude, Temugin's life was changed by a lone messenger bearing an ornate box and a bid to revenge his father as the heir of the Mandarin.