Demo-Goblin I

Hobgoblin III

Jack O'Lantern I

Nick Name
Civilian ID
Jason Phillip Macendale Jr.

CIA Operative




Legal Status

Citizen of the United States with a revoked citizenship due to enlisting in a foreign army, with an undisclosed criminal record.

Nation or Planet of Origin
Boston, Massachusetts
Group Affiliation

Sinister Seven

Sinister Six

Base of Operations
New York, New York
6' 1"
210 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human with excellent hand-to-hand combatant skills with military and CIA training.

Above average intelligence with skills as an espionage agent, electrician and physicist.

Note: Demon possession granted super-human strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability.

Later enhanced by cybernetic implants after the demon was exercised granted super-human strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability.


Glitter Bombs: Gas-emitting bombs that emit glittering light.

Goblin Costume: Shielded uniform housing a power pack of 10,000 volts of electricity which can be channeled through the gloves.

Goblin Gas: Variety of mists capable of causing unconsciousness and suppressing Spider-Man's sixth sense.

Bat-Glider: Personal flying platform shaped like a large bat.

Goblin Grenades: Jack O' Lantern shaped concussion grenades.

Razor Bats: Razor sharp bat-shaped throwing knives.

Common Enemies


Green Goblin II

Hobgoblin II

Machine Man

Moon Knight

Silver Sable

Spider-Man I

Regularly Appearing

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1


Moon Knight Vol. 3

Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1

Peter Parker: Spider-Man

Web of Spider-Man

First Appearance

Jack O'Lantern

Machine Man Vol. 1 #19 (Feb. 1981)

Hobgoblin III

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #279 (Aug. 1986)


Spectacular Spider-Man #147 (Feb. 1989)


Peter Parker: Spider-Man #68 (May, 1996)


Jack O'Lantern

Tom DeFalco & Steve Ditko

Hobgoblin III

Tom DeFalco & Rick Leonardi


Gerry Conway & Sal Buscema


Howard Mackie & John Romita Jr.


Mercenary Jason Macendale began his career in the Marines and later the CIA, but defected to a foreign military power, an act which resulted in his American citizenship being revoked.

Wanting notoriety as a mercenary, he assumed the identity of the costumed criminal Jack O'Lantern and attacked the android Machine Man. His exploits brought him to the attention of Wilson Fisk's (Kingpin) right hand man the Arranger, who hired him as the Kingpin's principle enforcer.

Jack O'Lantern was partnered with another costumed criminal, Hobgoblin, by the Arranger, and the Hobgoblin's partner the Rose to overthrow the Kingpin and control the crime families of New York.

Under fire from the police, Hobgoblin spotted his enemy Spider-Man and demanded Jack O'Lantern assist him in killing the hero. Jack O'Lantern not liking the odds of an altercation with both the police and Spider-Man practiced discretion and fled, an act of betrayal which prompted Hobgoblin to attempt an assassination against Jack O'Lantern.

Believing he knew Hobgoblin's true identity, Daily Bugle reporter Ned Leeds, Jack O'Lantern hired the assassin known only as the Foreigner to kill the reporter while on assignment in Berlin. The Foreigner retrieved Leeds' Hobgoblin equipment and Macendale became the new Hobgoblin.

In actuality Leeds was being controlled by the actual Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, who had retired from taking a direct hand in criminal activity.

During an invasion of Earth by the forces of Limbo, known as Inferno, Macendale would attempt make a deal with the demon N'astirh to sell his soul for demonic powers. The demon would refuse his soul but instead transformed him for his amusement by having a demon possess his body, granting him super-human powers but twisting his visage into demonic form, making him a Demo-Goblin.

Macendale would later be free of the demon, but not one to learn his lesson, would return once again after cybernetic enhancements as the Cyber-Goblin.