Dread Dormammu
Nick Name

The Dread One

Eater of Souls

Lord of Chaos

Lord of Darkness

Master of the Dark Domain

Prince of Evil

Civilian ID


Ruler of Dark Dimension


Legal Status
Sovereign and God of the Dark Dimension.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Faltine Dimension
Group Affiliation
Base of Operations
Dark Dimension
6' 1" - Varies
Eye Color
Green - Now Flame
Hair Color
Black - Now Flame
Known Powers
Being of a mystical dimension possessing vast magical and cosmic energies.

Faltinian Flame of Regency: Fiery crown of leadership and power in the Dark Dimension. The flame is mystically passed when the current ruler is deposed or destroyed.

Mindless Ones: Indestructible drones from another dimension that only exist to destroy.

Resources and citizens of the Dark Dimension.

Common Enemies



Dr. Strange II



Mindless Ones

Scarlet Witch

Vision II

Regularly Appearing

Dr. Strange Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4

Strange Tales Vol. 1

First Appearance
Strange Tales #126 (Nov. 1964)
Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

Along with his sister Umar, Dormammu was exiled for unknown reasons from the realm of their birth in the Faltine Dimension. The two sought sanctuary within the Dark Dimension, a pocket cosmos where the laws of reality are arbitrary. Against the council of the realms sorcerers, they were given positions of power by the ruler Oinar in exchange for knowledge of how to breach the dimensional barriers that separate realities, therefore expanding the sorcerer-king's domain.

Over thousands of years of expansion the realm of the Mindless Ones, a races of invincible destroyers, was absorbed. Unstoppable, the Mindless Ones killed many, including Oinar.

Blamed for the intrusion of the Mindless Ones, the realms sorcerers sought Dormammu and Umar, but the two struck first and bound the sorcerers to silence, and exiled them from the kingdom. The two then combined their might and sealed the Mindless Ones within a magical prison. Grateful for stopping the invasion, the citizens of the Dark Dimension appointed Dormammu regent.

Transforming himself into a being of pure mystical energy, Dormammu turned his attention to expanding the realm of the Dark Dimension, attempting many times to annex the dimension of Earth into his own dark realm, where he not only rules as a king but a god, known as the Dread Dormammu.