Baron Zemo I
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Baron Heinrich Zemo

12th Heir to the Zemo Estate


Nazi Intelligence Officer


Legal Status
Deceased citizen of Germany wanted internationally for war crimes.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Castle Zemo, Germany
Group Affiliation

German Third Reich

Masters of Evil I

Base of Operations


Bolivian jungle, South America

5' 9"
180 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human with genius level intelligence a superb military strategist and hand-to-hand and armed combatant.


Adhesive X: A powerful bonding agent used to ensnare adversaries.

Wealth of the Zemo estate.

Weapons of his own design utilizing robotics, miniaturization and laser technology.

Wide variety of military and civilian weapons.

Common Enemies


Bucky I

Captain America I

Sergeant Nick Fury

Regularly Appearing
Avengers Vol. 1
First Appearance
Avengers Vol. 1 #4 (March, 1964)
Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Baron Heinrich Zemo was one of Nazi Germany's most brilliant scientists. Joining the Nazi party early in its existence Zemo offered his services to Hitler's government as a weapons designer.

After an attempt to create an early laser weapon was thwarted by Nick Fury and his commandos, Zemo's reputation as a monster was fomented both abroad and at home when the existence of the "Death Ray" became public. Fearing reprisals Baron Zemo went into hiding and began disguising himself with a hood.

His next major military project was the development of Adhesive X, a chemical compound which could bond any two objects together permanently. Captain America destroyed the only vat of the chemical with his shield - resulting in it spilling upon Zemo's face, bonding it to his mask with strange results. although by chance Zemo could still see, hear and breath, he could no longer eat and had to receive his nutrients intravenously.

Obsessed with the destruction of Captain America, Zemo got his chance at the end of the war when he was assigned by the Red Skull to steal a prototype drone plane. The destruction of the plane resulted in the apparent death of Bucky and Captain America - who fell into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean where he would become frozen in suspended animation preserved by the Super-Soldier Serum which coursed though his veins.

At the defeat of Nazi Germany, Zemo fled to South America to a base he had been building for quite some time. There Zemo plotted his eventual takeover of the world until he was distracted by the apparent return of his foe Captain America - who was discovered frozen in ice by the Avengers.

Zemo formed a super-powered group known as the Masters of Evil to oppose Captain America's new allies. although his obsession for revenge would eventually lead to his death Zemo's legacy of evil would live on through his son who would become the new Baron Zemo.