Nick Name
Civilian ID
Arnim Zola




Legal Status
Citizen of Switzerland with an international criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Weisshorn Mountain, Switzerland
Group Affiliation

Ally of HYDRA

Ally of Red Skull

Base of Operations
Weisshorn Mountain, Switzerland

Zola: 3' 3"

Bio-Fanatic: 5' 10"


Zola: Unknown

Bio-Fanatic: 200 lbs.

Eye Color

Zola: Brown

Bio-Fanatic: None

Hair Color

Zola: Brown

Bio-Fanatic: None

Known Powers

Biologically, chemically and mechanically altered human with an ability to transmit mental commands to biological creations of his own making.

Genius level intelligence with skills as a biochemist and roboticist.


ESP Box: Mental energy emitter which sends commands to specially designed lifeforms.

Biologically monsters of varying sizes, shapes and purposes.

Common Enemies
Captain America I
Regularly Appearing
Captain America Vol. 1
First Appearance
Captain America Vol. 1 #208 (April, 1977)
Jack Kirby

Before World War II, Swiss biochemist Arnim Zola discovered and decoded a cache of ancient scientific papers written by a race of superhumans known as the Deviants. Turning his discoveries into viable experiments Zola sought financing from Hitler's Third Reich - offering his mind-transference techniques to create a copy of the Furor's mind - which would be later used to create multiple iterations of the Hate Monger.

Zola later cloned a new genetically stronger body to replace his frail, dwarfish form. Zola's new body housed his brain within the chest cavity to better protect it, and his face was simulated by a hologram. Perched upon the shoulders instead of his head is a device which controls the creatures cloned from the body of the genius monster known as the Bio-Fanatic.