Thinker I
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Clifford Devoe



District Attorney

Legal Status
Deceased citizen of the United States converted into a binary intelligence.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Keystone City, Kansas
Group Affiliation


Injustice Society

Suicide Squad

Base of Operations
Keystone City, Kansas

Human: 6' 1"

Robotic: Varies


Human: 175 lbs.

Robotic: Varies

Eye Color

Human: Brown

Robotic: White

Hair Color

Human: White

Robotic: None

Known Powers

Binary intelligence capable of integrating into and controlling computerized and electronics systems, formerly a normal human with electronics skills.

Poor hand-to-hand combatant.


Thinking Cap: Computerized device worn on the head capable of elevating intelligence to a genius level and generate psionic energy enabling telekinesis, mind control, illusions, teleportation and create material objects from will.

Note: the current form of the Thinker, a binary intelligence, no longer needs to use the Thinking Cap.

Common Enemies

Atom I

Atom II

Flash I

Flash II

Flash III

Justice Society

Regularly Appearing


Comic Cavalcade

Flash Vol. 1 & 2


First Appearance
All-Flash #12 (Fall, 1943)
Gardner Fox & E. E. Hibbard

A disillusioned District Attorney, Clifford Devoe decided that crime did pay and for years allied himself with mobsters until he himself took control of organized crime in Keystone City.

Devoe took his criminal career to the next level when he obtained a device that increased his intellect to genius level as the Thinker.

He battled the first Flash on numerous occasions and returned more powerful than before when he modified his Thinking Cap, giving him psionic abilities.

In time Devoe contracted brain cancer and while in the hospital befriended his former adversary Jay Garrick, the Flash. In a bid to save his life, the Flash obtained Devoe's old Thinking Cap, hoping he would use it's intelligence boosting abilities to devise a cure for his disease. Devoe refused to go on and passed away, but he would live on.

When the new Justice Society formed, Mr. Terrific used the Thinking Cap as a blueprint for the artificial intelligence of their new headquarters' computer systems. Apparently from years of use the Thinking Cap absorbed the personality and identity of Devoe.

Recruited by Johnny Sorrow, the reborn Thinker aided the Injustice Society, until he was taken off-line, although it appears that the artificial intelligence escaped deactivation by escaping into the world-wide computer network to once again give birth to the Thinker.