(The) Rival
Nick Name
Civilian ID
Dr. Edward Clariss

Chemistry Teacher


Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with a criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin

Keystone City, Kansas

Group Affiliation

Injustice Society

Base of Operations

Speed Force Barrier

Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Chemically enhanced ability to tap into the energy known as the Speed Force to achieve super-sonic speed and become intangible by vibrating molecular mass.

Note: Rival merged with the Speed Force Barrier as a result of the last battle against Flash I. He was recently brought back to this dimension after half a century of being trapped. The time trapped in the Speed Force altered his physical nature and may have caused him to loose his sanity.


Speed Formula: Chemical formula that enables super-speed for a limited time.

Note: Dr. Clariss no longer needs the speed formula due to merger with the Speed Force for over half a century.

Common Enemies

Flash I

Justice Society

Regularly Appearing

Flash Comics


First Appearance
Flash Comics #104 (Feb. 1949)
Carmine Infantino

A chemistry teacher at Midwestern University, Dr. Edward Clariss overheard a student speculating that his superhuman speed might be related to a chemical accident in one of the labs. An explosion had since damaged the lab, but Clariss managed to find a sample of the hard water formula that had indeed given Jay Garrick (Flash I) his speed, and he began working on a similar formula. Ridiculed by his fellow scientists, he left for Europe.

Bitter at being rejected by his fellow scientist, Dr. Clariss consumed his temporary speed formula and returned to Keystone City, hiring criminals to form a super-speed gang to draw out the Flash. Donning a darker version of the Flash's costume and mask he called himself the Rival.

The Rival's altercation with the Flash was brief and ending when Clariss' formula ran out. His identity revealed, he was arrested. While in prison Dr. Clariss' speed returned, and he escaped. Pursued by the Flash, he broke light-speed and vanished into the Speed Force.

Trapped for half a century the Rival returned with the assistance of the criminal leader Johnny Sorrow. As a member of Sorrow's Injustice Society, it was Rival's duty to kill his old arch-nemesis the Flash.

Due to the temporary nature of Rival's speed power the Speed Force ate at him for half a century, driving him from simple criminality to insanity. Free of his torturous prison he cut a bloody swath across America, spelling out his name on the map to entice the Flash to race him into the Speed Force. Flash escaped the trap by absorbing his adversaries speed, supposedly eliminating the Rival forever.