Professor Zoom


Nick Name
Civilian ID

Eobard Thawne


Professor Adrian Zoom

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States in the 25th Century with a criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Central City, Missouri of the 25th Century
Group Affiliation

Flash's Rogues

Secret Society of Super-Villains

Base of Operations
Central City, Missouri of the 25th Century
5' 11"
180 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Technologically enhanced ability to tap into the energy known as the Speed Force to achieve super-sonic speed, become intangible by vibrating molecular mass and achieve both inter-dimensional and time travel.

Possesses telepathic abilities which enabled the control of sub-atomic particles, creating a science known as "ultra-speed."


25th Century Science

Reverse-Flash Costume: Flash costume with amplified super-speed wave patterns which enable super-human speed.

Common Enemies

Flash II

Flash III

Regularly Appearing
Flash Vol. 1 & 2
First Appearance
Flash Vol. 1 #139 (Sept. 1963)
John Broome & Carmine Infantino


Discovering a time satellite sent into the 25th Century which contained one of Barry Allen's Flash costumes, Eobard Thawne used his era's science to amplify the costume's super-speed wave patterns to give himself super-human speed. Intending to use the costume to commit crime, instead of stop crime, Thawne reversed the colors of the costume, dubbing himself the Reverse-Flash.

Thawne would travel to the 20th century on several occasions to do battle with the Flash. He became obsessed with the scarlet speedster to the point of impersonating him and trying to assume the identity of Barry Allen, including his relationship with Iris West.

Rejected by Iris, Thawne killed her, and the ensuing battle with the Flash left him trapped in another dimension. Returning he attempted to kill Allen's new fiancÚ Fiona Webb, forcing Allen to take his life in order to save her. Allen would later perish during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.


In an era without superheroes Eobard Thawne was fascinated with the colorful crime-fighters, especially the Flash, Barry Allen. Creating a costume and using 25th Century science he was able to duplicate his idol's speed powers.

Discovering the time-traveling Cosmic Treadmill, he went back in time carrying a copy of Barry Allen's biography. However, the treadmill was mis-calibrated and he arrived disoriented in Central City years after Allen's death during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Finding his way to the Flash Museum he was shocked to learn that he was one of the Flash's most lethal enemies. Mentally unhinged, he convinced himself that he was Barry Allen and even convinced Wally West (Flash III) and Jay Garrick (Flash I) that he had returned from the dead.

Eventually Thawne's mental instability caused him to go on a destructive rampage, taking a coalition of speedsters to stop him. Forcing him to remember his true identity Thawne was tricked into returning to the 25th Century. The trip back to his era left him once again disoriented and forgetting what had happened except for a feeling of betrayal.

Assuming the identity of Professor Zoom, the Reverse-Flash, he began to travel to the 20th century to bedevil the man he felt betrayed him, Barry Allen. Events played out as they had before the Crisis, and Thawne met his fate at the hands of the Flash.