Nick Name
Civilian ID
Police Officer
Legal Status
Citizen of Kandor with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation
Citizen's Patrol Corps
Base of Operations
Kandor, now mobile on Earth.
6' 2"
220 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Solar enhanced biologically typical Kryptonian possessing superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, invulnerability, super-sonic flight, laser vision, x-ray vision, macroscopic and microscopic vision, acute senses, hurricane-force and super-cooled breath, ability to live without nutrition, liquid, air or rest for long periods of time and an extremely long life expectancy.

Invulnerability is derived from a biological aura, which can be extended to other objects and beings within close proximity.

Above average intelligence with skills as a law enforcement officer.

Note: Preus is unable to see through the element Lead.

Only known weaknesses are to red solar radiation, Kryptonite radiation, Kryptonian viruses and magic.

Kryptonite is a radioactive element native to the extinct planet Krypton, and depending on its color qualities, effects Preus in different ways. Green Kryptonite is deadly.

Xarxas is a Kryptonian virus which causes havoc with the mental reason and abilities of superhuman Kryptonians eventually resulting in coma and then death.

Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing

Action Comics

Adventures of Superman

Superman Vol. 2

First Appearance
Adventures of Superman #625 (April, 2004)
Joe Kelly, Michael Turner & Talent Caldwell

Due to the compression of time more than a century had passed inside the bottle city of Kandor since Superman last visited. In that time the Kryptonian citizens had grown distrustful of descendants of other alien species. To police the "non-K" inhabitants a force was formed known as the Citizen's Patrol Corps. Foremost of their vanguard was Sergeant Preus, who served under the banner of El - named for their creator and god Superman.

Drawn into Kandor by the telepathic Lyla, Kal-El was convinced the bottle city was his native Krypton - a planet which was never destroyed. Lyla plotted to escape the bottle city and was followed by Kal-El, who in turn was followed by Preus who believed Kal-El to be a murderer. When exposed to Earth's yellow sun Preus developed powers similar to Superman, but because of a feeling of betrayal due to his beliefs being shattered he became yet another of the Man of Steel's adversaries.