Pied Piper
Nick Name
Civilian ID

Hartley Rathaway


Henry Darrow

Thomas Peterson

Note: Thomas Peterson is an alias created by Hartley Rathaway. Henry Darrow is an alias created by his wealthy parents who bribed the police into preserving the family's prestige.


Corporate Executive



Social Activist

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with a criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Central City, Missouri
Group Affiliation

Flash's Rogues

Base of Operations

Central City, Missouri

Keystone City, Kansas

5' 10"
150 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Redish Blonde
Known Powers
Normal human with a genius level aptitude for sonics and music.

Flutes: Musical devices used to create sounds for a wide variety of purposes including shock waves, sound barriers and hypnotism.

Common Enemies

Flash II

Flash III

Regularly Appearing
Flash Vol. 1 & 2
First Appearance
Flash Vol. 1 #106 (May, 1959)
John Broome & Carmine Infantino

Born deaf, Hartley Rathaway was fortunate to also be born into wealth. His parents spared no expense in curing his ailment and eventually were successful.

Now able to hear, Rathaway became obsessed with sound, especially music. Although encouraged by his parents to achieve success, they became convinced their son was mentally disturbed and directionless.

Buying their son the success they thought of he was incapable, he became bored with his life of ease. Utilizing his skills with sound and his fortune, Rathaway began a life of crime in a pursuit of adventure as the Pied Piper.