Mordru vs JSA

Mordru vs Dr. Fate IV
Nick Name

The Dark Lord

Mordru the Merciless

Civilian ID


Note: Mordru has been known to possess the bodies of Wrynn from Gemworld and Arion, lord of ancient Atlantis.


Lord of Chaos


Legal Status
Demonic entity with no legal status.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Unknown, possibly Gemworld.
Group Affiliation

Princes of Darkness

Sons of Anubis

Base of Operations

21st Century

Amulet of Fate

Tower of Fate

30th Century

Zerox (Sorcerer's World)


21st Century: 7' 1"

30th Century: 7' 6"


21st Century: 310 lbs.

30th Century: 300 lbs.

Eye Color

21st Century: Hazel

30th Century: Green

Hair Color

21st Century: Auburn

30th Century: White

Known Powers

Demonic entity that possesses a living host having a masters knowledge of black magic capable of bending virtually any force in the universe to his will.

Common Enemies


Dr. Fate IV

Elementals of Disaster

Justice Society

Legion of Super-Heroes

Regularly Appearing

Adventure Comics



Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 2, 3 & 4

First Appearance
Adventure Comics #369 (June, 1968)
Jim Shooter & Curt Swan

The wizard know as Mordru is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that he, or it, is an agent of the elemental force known as the Lords of Chaos.

Mordru has existed in many different timelines and possibly has existed since the beginning of time itself.

The motivations of Mordru, be it in the 20th or 30th centuries, has been to accumulate great mystical power through the accumulation of magical artifacts and tools.

The Mordru of the 21st Century attempted to gather the Artifacts of Fate, by murdering all the aspects of Fate and abducting the infant reincarnation of Nabu. He was challenged by the Justice Society, and defeated by the reborn Dr. Fate.

The Mordru of the 30th Century apparently created from the body of Gemworld native Wrynn plagued the inhabitants of Gemworld and the Legion of Super-Heroes.