Red Hood I

Nick Name

Ace of Knaves

Clown Prince of Crime

Clown Prince of Pain

Deathly Dandy

Harlequin of Hate

Jack of All Crimes

Knave of Razors

Laughing Leper

Mountebank of Menace

Thin White Duke of Death

Civilian ID


Homicidal Maniac

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with a record of criminal insanity.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Presumably Gotham City
Group Affiliation

Injustice Gang

Injustice League

Joker's Gang

Base of Operations
Gotham City
6' 5"
195 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Black - Now Green
Known Powers

Normal human with average strength for a man of his age, although his mania makes him exceptionally dangerous.

Criminal genius with a devious sense of humor skilled in chemistry.

Note: Repeated exposure to poisons of his own creation have given the Joker an immunity to chemicals that would kill most other people.


Acid-spewing Boutonnière: Artificial flower worn on the lapel that squirts a stream of highly corrosive acid.

Electrocuting Joy Buzzer: Hand-held device capable of emanating an electric shock into its intended victim when they shake hands with the wearer.

Joker Venom: Nerve agent that leaves it victims in a gruesome smile of death.

Common Enemies

Batgirl II

Batgirl III

Batgirl IV

Batman I

Black Canary II

Huntress III

Justice League

Nightwing III


Robin I

Robin II

Robin III


Regularly Appearing


Detective Comics

Harley Quinn

The Joker

First Appearance
Batman #1 (Spring, 1940)
Bob Kane, Bill Finger & Garner Fox


A non-descript lab technician, the man who would become known as the Joker decided to steal a million dollars and retire into obscurity. To hide identity he donned a tuxedo, red cape and metallic red mask that covered his entire head as the Red Hood.

Eluding the police and the Batman for weeks the Red Hood was finally cornered while attempting to rob the Monarch Playing Card Company. Leaping from a catwalk into the chemical slurry the Red Hood swam to the Gotham River and safety.

Although escaping the law the Red Hood had not escaped unscathed. Removing his hood he discovered that his skin had been bleached white and his hair mottled green. The shock unhinged his already unstable mind and he took on the identity as the psychotic homicidal Joker.


His identity is a mystery. The only telling of his origin may have been a figment of his twisted imagination. To quote the Joker, "If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!"

According to the Joker's admittedly faulty memory, he was an out of work greeting cards writer, struggling to make a career as a stand-up comedian. He and his pregnant wife were living a destitute but loving life.

In an attempt to make some fast money before the birth of their child, he made a deal with a couple of members of the Red Hood Gang to help break into a his former employer to rob the safe.

The day before the caper was to go down, the future Joker was paid a visit by the police at the bar he frequented. They informed him his wife had died from an electrical short, testing a baby bottle warmer.

Distraught and no longer motivated to commit robbery he attempted to back out, but the gangsters advised him to do so would have dire consequences.

During the robbery the future Joker was selected to wear the guise of the Red Hood, which was always a random gang member. The three burglars were confronted by a security guard and the Batman. Still wearing his disguise, he ran blindly down the catwalk, falling into the chemical slew.

Emerging down river, the water's reflection revealed his face was now bleached white and his hair mottled green. This final misery broke the man's will, transforming him into the homicidal maniac called the Joker.