General Zod II
Nick Name
Civilian ID

Last name Avruskin

Note: Zod has assumed the physical identity of Superman via genetic manipulation.


Military Leader

Ruler of Polokistan


Legal Status
Sovereign of Polokistan and former citizen of the Soviet Union.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Conceived in the Soviet Union and born in Earth orbit.
Group Affiliation
Base of Operations
6' 3"
230 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Human genetically altered by a meteorite of unknown origin enhanced by light radiation the same frequency as red solar radiation granting superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, invulnerability, super-sonic flight, laser vision, x-ray vision, macroscopic and microscopic vision, acute senses, hurricane force and super-cooled breath, ability to live without nutrition, liquid, air or rest for long periods of time and an extremely long life expectancy.

Above average intelligence with training as a soldier.

Note: Physiology is vulnerable to prolonged exposure to yellow solar radiation which causes weakness and pain. To counter these effects a containment suit must be worn which presumably boost the body with radiation similar to that of a red sun.


Resources of the nation of the nation of Polokistan.

Solar Array: Satellites used to change the radiation frequency of the Earth's yellow sun to that of a red sun.

Common Enemies

Lex Luthor

Superboy III

Supergirl III


Regularly Appearing

Action Comics

Superman Vol. 2

First Appearance
Action Comics #779 (July, 2001)
Joe Kelly & Duncan Rouleau

At the height of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, two scientist were forced to give birth to their child aboard a nearly completed orbital weapons platform. The satellite was forced to Earth after being struck by radioactive meteorites. Retrieved by the Soviets the newly born boy and a few others were miraculously found alive and subjected to years of experimentation.

Discovering the boy becomes weaker when exposed to sunlight, various light frequencies are used until red solar radiation is found to activate his metahuman powers. As a soldier of the Soviet Union he gains honor, but becomes obsessed with the hero Superman, who seems to have and be everything that he is not - yet desires.

Attempting to pursue his obsession he is driven to murder and is incarcerated for his crime. While in solitary confinement he is visited by spectral visions, apparently prisoners of the Phantom Zone, which educate him of Krypton and the nature of the one named Kal-El. The dark specter calls itself Zod, and he too takes this name to fulfill his self-endowed destiny to rule the Earth as General Zod.