(The) General

Shaggy Man

Nick Name
Civilian ID
Wade Eiling

(The) General


United States Air Force General

Shaggy Man


Would-Be Conqueror

Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation

Atom Project

(The) Cabal

Injustice Gang

Secret Society of Super-Villains

Ultramarine Corps

United States Air Force

Base of Operations

General Eiling: 6'

Shaggy Man: 10' 5"


General Eiling: 180 lbs.

Shaggy Man: 1380 lbs.

Eye Color

General Eiling: Blue

Shaggy Man: Red

Hair Color

General Eiling: Grey

Shaggy Man: Brown

Known Powers

Synthetic lifeform with superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina and near-indestructible durability capable of regenerating any part of its body including the head; possessing superior senses and intelligence with the skills of a seasoned military officer.

Common Enemies

Captain Atom

Justice League

Ultramarine Corps

Regularly Appearing

Captain Atom (Charlton)

Captain Atom (DC)



Suicide Squad Vol. 1

First Appearance

General Eiling

Captain Atom Vol. 2 #1 (March, 1987)

Shaggy Man

Justice League of America #45 (June, 1966)

(The) General

Cameo: JLA #25 (Jan. 1999)

Full: JLA #26 (Feb. 1999)


General Eiling

Cary Bates & Pat Broderick

Shaggy Man

Gardner Fox & Mike Sekowsky

(The) General

Grant Morrison & Howard Porter


A being created by Professor Zagarian of a synthetic human tissue called "plastalloy," the Shaggy Man was intended to be an experiment to provide artificial body parts for human patients.

During the creation process the creature was subjected to an overdose of electric current causing it become aware, instinctively attacking anything that moved.

Members of the Justice League attempted to stop the indestructible creature's rampage, but discovered that it was impossible. The final resolution was to create another Shaggy Man and pit the two creatures against one another, sealing them in a deep pit to battle for an eternity.

The Shaggy Men would eventually escape to menace members of the Justice League. One would be destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, when the apparently weakened creature was destroyed by an explosive arrow fired by the archer Speedy. The other had been imprisoned in a plasma prison by Green Lantern II and sent to the bottom of the ocean by Aquaman, where it would be retrieved by General Eiling.

A career military man of poor scruples, General Wade Eiling was not above manipulating others to further his goals.

As an Air Force Major, Eiling was associated with the Atom Project. Seeking test subjects, he framed Captain Nathaniel Adam for treason, offering amnesty if he volunteered for the project.

The test appeared to have failed when Adam, encased in a nearly indestructible alloy, was apparently disintegrated by a nuclear bomb. In truth Adam survived the blast being hurled decades into the future, where General Eiling would continue to manipulate him as Captain Atom.

Eiling's greatest ploy for world domination involved the creation of a team of military metahuman operatives known as the Ultramarines. Eiling convinced his operatives that the Justice League were traitors and sent them on a mission to kill the heroes.

While the Ultramarines were battling the Justice League, Eiling was completing his plans to cheat death from cancer by transferring his conscious into the indestructible body of the synthetic Shaggy Man, becoming the unstoppable General.