Floronic Man

Plant Master

Nick Name
Civilian ID
Jason Woodrue



Legal Status
Citizen of the another dimension banished for wicked deeds.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Unnamed dimension
Group Affiliation

New Guardians

Secret Society of Super-Villains

Base of Operations
6' 2"
210 lbs.
Eye Color

Woodrue: Blue

Floronic Man: Red

Hair Color

Woodrue: Black

Floronic Man: Green

Known Powers

Chemically altered alien from another dimension possessing the power to control all plants.

Note: Although Jason Woodrue is from another dimension inhabited by elemental spirits he appeared human until he chemically altered his physiology to mimic that of plant life.

Woodrue now uses other chemicals to alter his appearance to appear like a normal human.

Common Enemies

Atom II

Green Lantern II

Regularly Appearing
Atom Vol. 1
First Appearance
Atom Vol. 1 #1 (June - July, 1962)
Gardner Fox & Gil Kane

A master criminal from an other-dimensional realm inhabited by woodland spirits, the man who calls himself Jason Woodrue was banished to Earth in a hopes that he would perish. Surviving in his new alien realm, Woodrue used his other-worldly knowledge to take control of Earth's plants as the Plant Master.

After facing repeated defeats by the Atom, Woodrue perfected a chemical elixir to transform himself from fauna to flora, giving him even greater control over plants and transforming him into a true Floronic Man.