Nick Name
Civilian ID



Lex Luthor

Would-Be Conqueror of the Universe
Legal Status
Citizen of Kalanor with a criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Kalanor, a planet within an unnamed dimension.
Group Affiliation
Base of Operations
6' 5"
290 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Alien mutant from another dimension possessing the powers of telepathy and a hypnotic third eye capable of projecting realistic illusions and entrancing virtually any sentient being.

Mastery of his powers has enabled him to project beams of telekinetic energy enabling the teleportation of matter anywhere in the universe.

Additional physical augmentation via a ritual pertaining to the Flame of Py'tar; granting superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability.

Genius level intelligence with skills as a warrior and tyrant.

Note: Although Despero's third eye was surgically removed by the inhabitants of Kalanor after his defeat by the Justice League, his mutation allowed him to regenerate a new eye.

Common Enemies

Justice League

Supergirl III

Regularly Appearing

Justice League of America

Justice League Task Force

Supergirl Vol. 4

First Appearance
Justice League of America #1 (Oct. 1960)
Gardner Fox & Mike Sekowsky

An alien from the inter-dimensional planet Kalanor, Despero was born a mutant possessing a powerfully hypnotic third eye. Using his powers over the minds of others Despero became the supreme dictator of his home planet. When a Kalanoran scientist and his daughter escaped their dimension to Earth they made contact with the Flash. The Scarlet Speedster enlisted the aid of his teammates in the Justice League to help free Kalanor.

Learning of the threat to his rule, Despero journeyed to Earth using his hypnotic powers to immobilize the Justice League, except for the Flash who was forced into a stylized, and secretly rigged, game of chess. The penalty for the Flash losing the game was teleportation to different alien worlds to die. Ultimately the Justice Leagues' courage and abilities allowed them to return to Earth and ultimately defeat the tyrant Despero.