Nick Name
Civilian ID

Queen of Tamaran


Legal Status
Member of the royal family of the planet Tamaran.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Tamaran, Vega System
Group Affiliation
(The) Citadel
Base of Operations
6' 2"
160 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Biologically crippled Tamaranean who would have had the ability to convert solar energy into flight.

Biologically enhanced ability to channel stored solar power through a concussive force from her hands known as Starbolts.

Excellent hand-to-hand combatant with training as a warrior by the galactic renowned Warlords of Okaara.

Common Enemies
Starfire III
Regularly Appearing

New Teen Titans Vol. 1 & 2

Teen Titans Vol. 2

Titans Vol. 1 & 2

First Appearance
New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #23 (Sept. 1982)
Marv Wolfman & George Pérez

The first child of Queen Luand'r & King Myand'r of Tamaran, Komand'r was a sickly child. Her illness denied her the ability of solar-powered flight and she was deemed unfit to inherit the throne - an honor which would pass to her younger sibling Koriand'r which triggered a lifelong rivalry between the sisters.

At roughly nine years of age, the sisters were sent to the Warlords of Okaara to be trained in the martial arts. Besting her sister in battle, Koriand'r cemented the hatred of Komand'r - prompting her to attempt murder against her sibling. Expelled by the Warlords of Okaara, Komand'r allied herself with the Citadel, aiding them in breaking through Tamaran's defenses. As part of the treaty that followed, Koriand'r was surrendered to the Citadel and enslaved by Komand'r. In captivity, Koriand'r was tortured and humiliated for six years before she, and her sister, were captured by Psions, a race known for their cold-blooded dedication to scientific experimentation.

The Psions conducted experiments to determine the Tamaraneans' maximum abilities to absorb solar energy. During the experiment the Citadel retaliated against the Psions. The Psions fled and the sisters were left to die. The experiment backfired giving Koriand'r the ability to project solar energy through her hands as Starbolts. She used this ability to free her sister and was rewarded with betrayal and imprisonment.

Komand'r also developed an ability to focus solar power into dark Starbolts, becoming the warrior known as Blackfire.