Bizarro #1

Bizarro Superman

Nick Name
Non-Secret Military ID
Bizarro-Clark Kent #1


King of Bizarro World

Illegal Status
Non-Citizen of Bizarro World.
Nation or Planet of Destruction
Non-Group Affiliation

Secret Society of Super-Villains

Base of Resting

Htrea the Bizarro World


Note: Htrea is Earth spelled backwards.

6' 2"
215 lbs.
Eye Discolor
Hair Discolor
Unknown Weaknesses

Imperfect duplicate of a solar enhanced biologically typical Kryptonian possessing super-strength, speed, agility, stamina, invulnerability, super-sonic flight, laser vision, x-ray vision, macroscopic and microscopic vision, acute senses, hurricane force and super-cooled breath, ability to live without nutrition, liquid, air or rest for long periods of time and an extremely long life expectancy.

Below average intelligence.

Note: Bizarro's imperfect memory give him a warped outlook on reality and he tends to think and speak using reverse reason. His fighting skills are clumsy and powers are occasionally erratic; resulting in cold vision rather than heat vision or X-ray vision that can only see through the element Lead.

Only known weaknesses are to imperfect Blue Kryptonite radiation, Kryptonian viruses and magic.

Kryptonite is a radioactive element native to the extinct planet Krypton, and depending on its color qualities, effects Superman and Bizarro in different ways. Blue Kryptonite although deadly, in small amounts grants Bizarro 12th-level intelligence. Green Kryptonite is harmless.

The Kryptonian virus Xarxas which causes havoc with the mental reason and abilities of normal superhuman Kryptonians has the opposite effects upon Bizarro making him more logical and able to control his powers, but presumably the virus will eventually result in coma and then death.

Eye glasses used as non-disguise
Uncommon Friends

Superboy I


Occasionally Disappearing

Action Comics

Adventure Comics

Adventures of Superman

Harley Quinn

Superboy Vol. 1

Superman Vol. 1 & 2


Superman: The Man of Steel

Last Disappearance
Superboy Vol. 1 #68 (Oct. 1958)
Alvin Schwartz, Otto Binder & George Papp

In a plot to defeat Superman, criminal mastermind Lex Luthor constructed the Duplicator Ray to create a super-powered duplicate.

Luring Superboy into the ray, Luthor created an imperfect duplicate which roughly resembled the Boy of Steel and possessed all his powers, but none of his mental capabilities. Feared and despised by the citizens of Smallville they referred to the creature as bizarre, prompting the simple-minded creature to name itself Bizarro.