Device or Vehicle
Spider-Man Armor
Nick Name

Spidey Armor

Steel Spider

Creator or Inventor
Spider-Man I
Owner or Possessor
Spider-Man I
Function or Uses

Armor designed to increase Spider-Man's durability.

Note: Although the armor makes Spider-Man more effective when defending against multiple opponents, presumably it diminishes his agility and mobility.

Special Properties
Armor plates are constructed of a modified web formula.
Regularly Appearing
Web of Spider-Man
First Appearance
Web of Spider-Man #100 (May, 1993)
Terry Kavanagh & Alex Saviuk

Faced with an impending battle against overwhelming odds Peter Parker uses his scientific knowledge and the resources of Empire State University's science labs to develop a new uniform composed of plates fashioned from a modified webbing formula. Affixing the plates to an insulated body suit he briefly swung into action as the "Spider of Steel."