Device or Vehicle

Nick Name
Creator or Inventor

Generation 1

Dr. Spencer Smythe

Generation 2

Dr. Marla Madison

Generation 3

Alistair Smythe

Owner or Possessor
J. Jonah Jameson
Function or Uses
Series of robots created to humiliate, capture or kill Spider-Man.
Special Properties
Spider-Slayers are generally remotely controlled by a human, who can view the action through the machine's audio and video receptors.
Regularly Appearing
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1
First Appearance
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #25 (June, 1965)
Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

Believing Dr. Spencer Smythe to be another crackpot inventor who wished to waste his valuable time, Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson was prepared to show him the door - until free-lance photographer Peter Parker convinced Jameson he had nothing to lose in allowing Smythe to demonstrate his robot designed to capture Spider-Man.

Feeling cocky, Parker believed Smythe's invention to be a less than prodigious automaton which he could use to turn the tables on Jameson and embarrass him once again as Spider-Man while simultaneously earning a tidy profit from photographs of the battle to come. Only by using his knowledge of science and computerized robotics was Spider-Man capable of escaping the first of many encounters with a Spider-Slayer.