Device or Vehicle
Nick Name
Creator or Inventor
Corona Motors, with modifications by Johnny Storm.
Owner or Possessor

Spider-Man I

Terrible Tinkerer

Function or Uses
Urban Transportation
Automobile sized.
~ 1 Ton
Special Properties

Specially modified non-polluting vehicle equipped with web shooters, a spider-signal spotlight and holographic camouflage mode.

Note: After the vehicle was retrieved from a river and modified by the Terrible Tinkerer it could drive up walls and launch gas bombs capable of nullifying Spider-Man's powers.

Regularly Appearing
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1
First Appearance
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #130 (March, 1973)

Gerry Conway & Ross Andru

Note: Although Conway and Andru have the dubious privilege of being credited with the creation of the Spider-Mobile, it is widely assumed that the editor insisted upon the inclusion of the vehicle in stories to satisfy a toy manufacturer - most likely MEGO, who was the premiere super-hero toy maker of the early 1970s.


To promote a revolutionary non-polluting engine created by Corona Motors, Spider-Man was approached by the advertising agents Carter and Lombardo.

Although refusing at first to cheapen himself with such a hair-brained scheme, Spider-Man agrees to the promotion in order to settle some debts as Peter Parker.

With the assistance of Fantastic Four member and car enthusiast the Human Torch the vehicle makes its public debut sporting the same colors and abilities as the Web Slinger.

Being a New York City native Peter Parker never saw a need for a drivers license and the vehicle was soon wrecked at the bottom of a river - where it would sit until retrieved by the Terrible Tinkerer, who used it to strike at Spider-Man via remote control.

Having the humiliating task of defeating his own car Spider-Man delivered the vanquished vehicle to its creators with the note "Good Riddance!" - putting to rest the saga of the Spider-Mobile.