Device or Vehicle

Destroyer IV
Nick Name
The Indestructible Destroyer
Creator or Inventor
Owner or Possessor





Function or Uses
Armored weapon programmed for destruction.

6' 6"

Note: The Destroyer armor has been measured up to heights of 2000' when animated by the life-force of numerous Asgardian gods.

850 lbs.
Special Properties

The Destroyer armor is composed of an unknown element native to Asgard and enchanted by the king of the Asgardians, Odin, the king of the Olympians, Zeus, and a fraction of power from the leaders of other pantheons of gods.

The Destroyer is indestructible by all known terrestrial means and is animated by the spirit of sentient beings. The body of the animator or animators lay in a state of comma while their life-force is within the Destroyer.

The Destroyer can only be used as a weapon, and when the life-force of a being attempts to use it for anything but, its primary programming overrides their wishes and they become trapped within the armor.

The Destroyer is pre-programmed for battle, possesses the ability of flight via levitation, is immeasurably strong, can project blast of powerful disintegration beams, magnetic energy and super-heated flame; as well as rearrange matter at a molecular level.

Regularly Appearing

Journey into Mystery Vol. 1

Mighty Thor Vol. 1 & 2

First Appearance
Journey into Mystery Vol. 1 #118 (July, 1965)
Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

The Destroyer was created by Odin over a thousand years ago, after the Third Host of Celestials visited Earth.

The Celestials had genetically modified early humans, to create a future superhuman race, and were monitoring their progress. Fearing that the astrogods would judge their experiments a failure and eliminate mankind, the Destroyer was created to battle the Celestials and preserve humanity, whose collective faith the gods were dependent upon for their own existence.