Device or Vehicle

Speed Force
Nick Name
The Light
Creator or Inventor
Apparently Natural
Owner or Possessor

(The) Black Flash

Dark Flash

Flash I

Flash II

Flash III

Flash of the 27th & 853rd Century


Impulse II/Kid Flash III

Impulse III


Jesse Quick

Johnny Quick

Kid Flash II

Max Mercury

Professor Zoom

(The) Rival


Speed Demon



Function or Uses
Enables super-powered speed in beings that would not normally possess such ability.
Special Properties

The Speed Force is an energy field beyond the speed of light that appears to be a pathway to Nirvana.

Any being that achieves a rate of "terminal velocity" will break through the Speed Barrier and pass into the Speed Force, in effect merging with the energy field, but apparently maintaining their mental cohesion and identity. The rate of terminal velocity depends on the abilities of the individual and their tolerance to super-speed.

One known individual has become trapped in the Speed Barrier. Doctor Edward Clariss (Rival) was trapped in the barrier for half a century before being released by the enigmatic Johnny Sorrow. Clariss' physical structure was altered by his prolonged exposure to the Speed Force and he may very well be nothing more than a mental manifestation of the energy field.

Brushing against the Speed Barrier without achieving "terminal velocity" has been known to propel individuals into the future. The phenomena of time-travel is not uncommon amongst speedsters.

Barry Allen (Flash II) discovered by accident that super-speed vibrations facilitate a crude and inaccurate ability to time-travel. Devising a device referred to as the "Cosmic Treadmill," Allen was able to control these vibrations and travel both forward and back into time with precision control. Residing in an alternate time period would maintain constant until the super-speed vibrations are relaxed and the person would be returned to their original point in time.

The Cosmic Treadmill appears to be nothing more than a runners exercise treadmill powered with cosmic rays, through an unknown resource.

Wally West (Flash III) has been able to control time travel with more consistency and is able to travel both forward and back through time with relative accuracy under his own power.

John Fox the Flash of the 27th Century uses a variety of time-travel technologies either engineered into his uniform or contained within gauntlets worn on the wrist. Fox is the most prevalent of time-traveling speedsters, taking up residence in the 853rd Century as a member of the Justice Legion A.

Regularly Appearing
Flash Vol. 2
First Appearance
Flash Vol. 2 #95 (Nov. 1994)
Mark Waid

An apparently natural phenomena that enables beings that would not normally possess super-speed the ability to move at the speed of light.

The catalyst vary from mysticism, the reciting of mathematical equations, chemical and electrical reactions or passed on by heredity. In each instance the individual is made part of a larger force that is beyond the understanding of most, and in many cases those that are linked to the force as well, for once you enter the other side of the light rarely do you return from the Speed Force.