Device or Vehicle

Green Lantern Power Battery
Nick Name
Creator or Inventor

Guardians of the Universe

Owner or Possessor

GL of -7Pi (Apros)

GL of Aegri Somnia 3 (Selaya)

GL of Aeros (Uknown)

GL I of Arden (Lodar Monak)

GL II of Arden (Meeno Monak)

GL of Barrio III (Chaselon)

GL of Bellatrix (Boodikka)

GL of Betrassus (Iolande)

GL I of Bolovax Vik (Branwilla)

GL II of Bolovax Vik (Kilowog)

GL of Criq (Driq)

GL of Cxrsee (Joanqin)

GL I of Cyc (Unknown)

GL II of Cyc (Spol)

GL I of Cygnus (Archon Z'gmora)

GL II of Cygnus (Brokk)

GL of D'xe (Kaylark)

GL of Daxam (Sodam Yat)

GL of Dryad (Brik)

GL of Durla (Von Daggle)

Green Lantern II of Earth (Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern III of Earth (John Stewart)

Green Lantern IV of Earth (Guy Gardner)

Green Lantern V of Earth (Kyle Rayner)

GL of El 'Sh 'Tai (D'arn Tuu)

GL of Etrea (K'ryssma)

GL of F'py (Gk'd)

GL of Fae'en (Kristogar Velo)

GL of Feron (Unknown)

GL I of Fluvian (Dob Zagil)

GL II of Fluvian (Lin Canar)

GL I of G'newt (G'newmann G'noggs)

GL II of G'newt (G'nort Esplanade G'neeshmacher)

GL of Garnet (Jack T. Chance)

GL of Glazzonio (Ahtier)

GL of Glirell (Jeryll)

GL I of Graxos IV (Fentara)

GL II of Graxos IV (Arisia)

GL of Graxos V (Blish)

GL I of Grenda (Stel)

GL II of Grenda (Yron)

GL of H'lven (Ch'p)

GL of Inner Tasnia (Flodo Span)

GL of J586 (Medphyll)

GL I of Jayd (Kentor Omoto)

GL II of Jayd (Laira)

GL of Jerome (KT21)

GL of Karax (Graf Toren)

GL of Korugar II (Katma Tui)

GL of Korugar III (Dr. Soranik Natu)

GL of Krylos (Unknown)

GL of LaBurb (Kkrudd)

GL of Loga 14 (Gala De)

GL of M'Elu (Liana)

GL of Maltusian Earth Colony (Percival)

GL of Matris Ater Clementia (Mother Mercy)

GL of Mogo (Mogo)

GL of Multu (Skyrd)

GL of Muscaria (Amanita)

GL I of Naktos (Ghrelk)

GL I of Naktos (Varix)

GL of Nyberg (Sheriff Mardin)

GL of Obsidian Deeps system (Rot Lop Fan)

GL of Ovacron 6 (Hannu)

GL of Papilliox (R'amey Holl)

GL of Penelo (Unknown)

GL of Pharma (Davo Yull)

GL I of Portworld (Wylxa)

GL II of Portworld (Tahr)

GL of Purdaa (Unknown)

GL of Python IV (Zborra)

GL of Qualar IV (Perdoo)

GL I of Rann (Vath Sarn)

GL II of Rann (Isamot Kol)

GL I of Rhoon (Avir Rahn)

GL II of Rhoon (Hollika Rahn)

GL of Rohira (Unknown)

GL of Rolvac (Unknown)

GL of Rojira (Rojira)

GL of Scylla (Laham)

GL of Sector 3 (Apros)

GL of Sector 6 (Tahr)

GL of Sector 17 (Larvox)

GL of Sector 24 (Breeon)

GL of Sector 25 (Norchavius)

GL of Sector 28 (Umitu)

GL I of Sector 35 (Matto Pree)

GL II of Sector 35 (Amnee Pree)

GL I of Sector 38 (Kraken)

GL II of Sector 38 (Raker Qarrigat)

GL of Sector 40 (Shorm)

GL I of Sector 47 (Lysandra)

GL II of Sector 47 (Spol)

GL of Sector 54 (Yyk)

GL of Sector 56 (Tomy-Fai)

GL of Sector 69 (Varix)

GL of Sector 73 (Sendrina)

GL of Sector 83 (Bruun)

Gl of Sector 103 (Malet Dasim)

GL of Sector 112 (Laira)

GL of Sector 119 (Leezie Pon)

GL I of Sector 151 (Ghr'll)

GL II of Sector 151 (Xylpth)

GL of Sector 173 (Relok Hag)

GL of Sector 181 (KT21)

GL of Sector 188 (Dkrtzy RRR)

GL of Sector 257 (Markot Five)

GL of Sector 279 (RRU-9-2)

GL of Sector 281 (Alia)

GL of Sector 312 (Ash-Pak-Glif)

GL of Sector 315 (Volk)

GL of Sector 345 (Olapet)

GL of Sector 422 (Procanon Kaa)

GL I of Sector 424 (Vode-M)

GL II of Sector 424 (Graf Toren)

GL of Sector 488 (Arx)

GL of Sector 501 (Charqwep)

GL of Sector 567 (Rees-Van)

GL of Sector 571 (Voz)

GL of Sector 586 (Medphyll)

GL of Sector 650 (Ash)

GL of Sector 666 (Morro)

GL of Sector 674 (Kilowog)

GL I of Sector 700 (R'amey Holl)

GL II of Sector 700 (Von Daggle)

GL of Sector 773 (Saarek)

GL I of Sector 786 (Ke'Haan)

GL II of Sector 786 (Turytt)

GL of Sector 863 (Krista X)

GL of Sector 885 (Horoq Nnot)

GL I of Sector 904 (Aa)

GL II of Sector 904 (Brik)

GL of Sector 911 (Rot Lop Fan)

GL of Sector 918 (Tuebeen)

GL of Sector 981 (Brokk)

GL of Sector 996 (Taa)

GL of Sector 1014 (B'dg)

GL of Sector 1055 (Adam)

GL of Sector 1110 (Okonoko)

GL of Sector 1132 (Remnant Nod)

GL of Sector 1198 (Grumb)

GL of Sector 1234 (Rori Stroh)

GL of Sector 1253 (Sheriff Mardin)

GL of Sector 1287 ((The) Collective)

GL of Sector 1324 (T-Cher)

GL of Sector 1355 (Penelops)

GL of Sector 1337 (Gk'd)

GL of Sector 1414 (Boodikka)

GL of Sector 1416 (Chaselon)

GL I of Sector 1417 (Sinestro)

GL II of Sector 1417 (Prohl Gosgotha)

GL III of Sector 1417 (Tarkus Whin)

GL IV of Sector 1417 (Natu)

GL V of Sector 1417 (Iolande)

GL of Sector 1418 (Salaak)

GL of Sector 1582 (Lin Canar)

GL of Sector 1634 (Priest)

GL of Sector 1721 (Kaylark)

GL of Sector 1760 (Sodam Yat)

GL of Sector 1776 (Meadlux)

GL of Sector 1915 (Wissen)

GL of Sector 2002 (Kreon)

GL of Sector 2106 (Krydel-4)

GL of Sector 2111 (Oliversity)

GL I of Sector 2234 (El'qa Squa Zreenah)

GL II of Sector 2234 (Perdoo)

GL of Sector 2260 (Opto309v)

GL I of Sector 2261 (Mogo)

GL II of Sector 2261 (Bzzd)

GL of Sector 2471 (Talmadge)

GL of Sector 2515 (Symon Terrynce)

GL I of Sector 2682 (Isamot Kol)

GL II of Sector 2682 (Vanth Sarn)

GL of Sector 2689 (Skirl)

GL of Sector 2751 (M'Dahna)

GL I of Sector 2812 (Tagort)

GL II of Sector 2812 (Venizz)

GL I of Sector 2813 (Zharan Pel)

GL II of Sector 2813 (Dalor)

GL III of Sector 2813 (Tomar-Tu)

GL I of Sector 2814 (Yalan Gur)

GL II of Sector 2814 (Unknown)

GL III of Sector 2814 (Unknown)

GL IV of Sector 2814 (Starkaor)

GL V of Sector 2814 (Xenofobe)

GL VI of Sector 2814 (Hal Jordan)

GL VII of Sector 2814 (John Stewart)

GL VII of Sector 2814 (Guy Gardner)

GL IX of Sector 2814 (Kyle Rayner)

GL I of Sector 2815 (Ebikar Hrui)

GL II of Sector 2815 (Arisia)

GL I of Sector 2828 (Gretti)

GL II of Sector 2828 (Green Man)

GL I of Sector 2937 (Harvid)

GL II of Sector 2937 (G'Hu)

GL of Sector 3009 (Stel)

GL I of Sector 3014 (Barreer Wot)

GL II of Sector 3014 (Lok Neboora)

GL of Sector 3100 (Amanita)

GL of Sector 3181 (Skyrd)

GL of Sector 3192 (Lan Dibbux)

GL of Sector 3212 (Vandor)

GL of Sector 3333 (Penn Maricc)

GL of Sector 3399 (Shilandra Thane)

GL of Sector 3411 (Droxelle)

GL of Sector 3443 (Greet)

GL of Sector 3453 (Lashorr)

GL of Sector 3515 (Gpaak)

GL of Sector 3521 (Garmin Vid)

GL of Sector 3521 (Torquemada)

GL of Sector 3587 (Palaqua)

GL of Sector 3588 (Cimfet Tau)

GL of Sector 3590 (Zevonn Parzzx)

GL of Sector 3599 (Zghitihii)

GL of Sector 3600 (Rasa Nekroy)

GL Sector unknown I (Adara)

GL Sector unknown II (Alia)

GL Sector unknown III (AR-N-O-Q)

GL Sector unknown IV (Barin)

GL Sector unknown V (Bivvix)

GL Sector unknown VI (Bogosar)

GL Sector unknown VII (Brin)

GL Sector unknown VIII (Chapqwep)

GL Sector unknown IX (Deeter)

GL Sector unknown X (Deeter's master)

GL Sector unknown XI (El'Oa Sqa Zreenah)

GL Sector unknown XII (Galius Zed)

GL Sector unknown XIII (Jewelius Blak)

GL Sector unknown XIV (Knen-To)

GL Sector unknown XV (Ki-Nilg)

GL Sector unknown XVI (Kwo Varrikk)

GL Sector unknown XVII (Leezle Pon)

GL Sector unknown XVIII (Pathavim Seth-Ottarak)

GL Sector unknown XIX (Phantos)

GL Sector unknown XX (Probert)

GL Sector unknown XXI (Rak Arranya)

GL Sector unknown XXII (Reemuz)

GL Sector unknown XXIII (Shingo Wol)

GL Sector unknown XXIV (Skr'kl)

GL Sector unknown XXV (Squagga)

GL Sector unknown XXVI (Teacher)

GL Sector unknown XXVII (Thormon Tox)

GL Sector unknown XXVIII (Tylot)

GL Sector unknown XXIX (Zghithii)

GL Sector unknown XXX (Zuron)

GL of Slyggia (Salakk)

GL of Southern Goldstar (Olapet)

GL of Sputa (Larvox)

GL I of Stoneworld (Kworri)

GL II of Stoneworld (Aa)

GL of Tanjent (Symon Terrynce)

GL of Tebis (Kreon)

GL of Timron (Dalor)

GL of Toomey VI (Arkkis Chummuck)

GL of Trlak (Quarzz Teranh)

GL of Tront (Eddore)

GL of Tyrea (Chogar)

GL of Twen (Sandro Batorn)

GL of Ungara (Abin Sur)

GL of Uxor (Unknown)

GL of Valstan C5 Cluster (Puffball Collective)

GL of Varna (Ke'Haan)

GL of Veltre (Unknown)

GL of Vulcan (Unknown)

GL of Xanshi (Unknown)

GL of Xaos (Xax)

GL of Xeres (Spak-Drom)

GL I of Xudar (Tomar-Re)

GL II of Xundar (Tomar-Tu)

GL III of Xudar (Galte-Re)

GL of Z'Nang (Unknown)

GL of Zilliph (Taa)

GL of Zintha (Lysandra)

GL of Zoa (Gpaak)

GL of Zymia (Unknown)

Function or Uses

Portable power battery capable of drawing mental energies from the Central Power Battery on Oa.

Special Properties

Power Batteries are constantly charged by the Central Power Battery to manually fuel about 3600 individual Green Lantern Rings.

Note: The imprisonment within the Central Power Battery of Parallax - a yellow being composed of pure fear - created an impurity making Green Lantern Rings incapable of manipulating objects colored yellow, and the champions of the Guardians of the Universe, the Green Lanterns, susceptible to the only thing that could break their will - fear.

With few exceptions the Power Ring is limited to a 24 hour charge and must be recharged in the Power Battery on a daily basis.

Regularly Appearing

Green Lantern Vol. 2 & 3

Green Lantern Corps

First Appearance
Showcase #22 (Sept. - Oct. 1959)
Julius Schwartz, John Broom & Gil Kane

After their failures with the Halla and the android Manhunters, the Guardians of the Universe focused their mental energies into the Central Power Battery.

The Central Power Battery in turn feeds a network of smaller Power Batteries possessed by emissaries in 3600 sectors of the universe. Each possessor of a battery regularly charges their powerful Green Lantern Rings which they use in service of order and peace as the Green Lantern Corps.