Device or Vehicle
Cosmic Treadmill
Nick Name
Creator or Inventor
Barry Allen
Owner or Possessor

Flash II

Flash III

Professor Zoom


Function or Uses
Running exercise device powered by cosmic rays enabling the utilization of super-sonic speed to travel through time.
Varies with construction.
Varies with construction.
Special Properties

Enhances the precision that persons with access to the Speed Force have to travel to different points in time, and on occasion to other dimensions.

Regularly Appearing
Flash Vol. 1 & 2
First Appearance
Flash Vol. 1 #125 (Dec. 1961)
CarmineInfantino & JoeGiella

After discovering that he could travel through time by adjusting the vibration of his molecules, Barry Allen used his scientific knowledge to create a device which could harness his super-human speed to travel to any point in time with perfect precision - a device he dubbed the Cosmic Treadmill.