Device or Vehicle

Nick Name
Creator or Inventor
Bruce Wayne
Owner or Possessor

Batgirl II

Batman I

Batman III

Robin I

Robin II

Robin III

Function or Uses
Offensive Non-Lethal Weapon
Special Properties
Perfectly balanced boomerang with both a blunt face surface and razor sharp back surface capable of stunning or crippling opponents or cutting through bindings or tethers.
Regularly Appearing


Detective Comics

First Appearance
Detective Comics #31 (Sept. 1939)
Gardner Fox & Bob Kane

The boomerang is a weapon and hunting tool used for millennia by the indigenous peoples of Australia. Versatile and reliable its reputation for returning to its thrower when it misses its target have been its greatest claim to fame.

Given the nature of his parents' death at the barrel of a handgun, Bruce Wayne desired a weapon that was not only effective, but non-lethal when properly used. In his travels around to world studying to be a world-class detective and fighting man he must have developed the skill to make one of his most formidable weapons his Batarang.