Nick Name
Outsiders I

Atomic Knight

Batman I

Black Lightning

Eradicator II








Windfall I


Outsiders II

Arsenal III

Captain Marvel Jr.


Huntress III

Indigo II



Metamorpho 2.0/Shift

Nightwing III

Starfire III

Thunder III


Outsiders I

Allegiance of superpowered and non-superpowered heroes.

Outsiders II

Allegiance of superpowered and non-superpowered heroes.

Legal Status

Outsiders I

Sanctioned by the governments of Markovia and the United States.

Outsiders II

Group of privately funded superhuman and non-superhuman heroes not sanctioned by the U.S. Government.

Nation or Planet of Origin
Primarily Earth
Group Alliances

Outsiders I

Justice League

Outsiders II

Teen Titans

Base of Operations

Outsiders I

Gotham City, later relocated to Station Markovia, Pacific Ocean one mile off the coast of Santa Monica, California.

Outsiders II

Brooklyn, New York


Outsiders I

Hoverdisc: Propless flying vehicle capable of short-distance flight.

Station Markovia: Automated self-sufficient base located on an ocean platform linked to the mainland via an underground tube which connects to a residential home.

Outsiders II

Outsiders Headquarters: Renovated former bomb shelter located one mile down and over nine blocks under the city of New York.

Common Enemies

Outsiders I

Baron Bedlam

Duke of Oil

Outsiders II

Brother Blood

Brotherhood of Evil


Fearsome Five

Gorilla Grodd



Regularly Appearing

Outsiders I

Batman and the Outsiders

Outsiders Vol. 1 & 2

Outsiders II

Outsiders Vol. 3

First Appearance

Outsiders I

Batman and the Outsiders #1 (Aug. 1983)

Note: The Outsiders were previewed in Brave and the Bold Vol. 1 #200 (July, 1983)

Outsiders II

Outsiders Vol. 3 #1 (Aug. 2003)


Outsiders I

Mike W. Barr & Jim Aparo

Outsiders II

Judd Winick & Tom Raney


Outsiders I

When the Western European country of Markovia was invaded by the despotic Nazi, Baron Bedlam, the nation was plunged into turmoil. Among the foreign nationals trapped within the country at the time of the invasion was Wayne Enterprises executive Lucius Fox.

Wayne Enterprises owner Bruce Wayne under the disguise of Batman, along with a team consisting of Black Lightning, Halo, Katana and Metamorpho infiltrated the besieged nation. Allied with the nation's crown prince, Prince Brion Markov (Geo-Force), who had been empowered with superhuman abilities by his government scientists to overcome the threat of Baron Bedlam.

After defeating Baron Bedlam the group organized as a team under the leadership of Batman, until a philosophical rift caused Batman to leave the team, which relocated from Gotham City to an ocean base off the coast of Santa Monica, California. With the patronage of the Markovian government the team continued for a number of years under the codename of the Outsiders.

Outsiders II

After the deaths of the Amazon avatar Troia and the telepathic Lilith, the team known as the Titans was disbanded. Their deaths were not only the end of a team, but the dissolution of a group that considered one another family.

Months later, former Titan, Roy Harper (Arsenal III) began rebuilding a new team with no former allegiances, believing that they would work better without the ties of friendship. His recruits included the super-strong Thunder and Grace, the master of chemicals Metamorpho, the reprogrammed android villain Indigo and former Titans teammate Nightwing to continue their quest to protect humankind as the Outsiders.