Legion of Superboys
Nick Name

Elseworld's Finest Supergirl

Karkan Superboy

Krypto of of Pre-Crisis Earth-1

Medieval Superboy

Omak Superboy

Superboy of Pre-Crisis Earth-1

Superboy of the Challengers of the Unknown

Superboy III

Superboy of Krypton

Superboy sidekick of Batman

Wild-West Superboy

Group of super-human beings captured from multiple Hypertime realties opposing their captor Black Zero.
Legal Status
Citizens of multiple realities across Hypertime.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Multiple realities across Hypertime.
Group Alliances

Challengers of the Unknown

Base of Operations
Multiple realities across Hypertime.
Resources of respective Superboys from across Hypertime.
Common Enemies

Black Zero

Regularly Appearing
Superboy Vol. 3
First Appearance
Superboy Vol. 3 #62 (May, 1999)
Karl Kesel & Tom Grummett

The Legion of Superboys were captured from a multiple of realities for their own "protection" by the multi-dimensional conqueror Black Zero, an adult Superboy himself.

Freed from captivity the group of Superboys challenges and defeats their captor before returning to their respective realities.