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Injustice Gang

Injustice Gang of the World

Nick Name
Anti-Justice League
Injustice Gang of the World

Abra Kadabra

Captain Boomerang

Chronos I

Floronic Man



Mirror Master I

Ocean Master

Poison Ivy




Tattooed Man I

Injustice Gang I


Dr. Light III

J'emm (against his will)


Lex Luthor

Mirror Master II

Ocean Master

Injustice Gang II

(The) General

Lex Luthor


Queen Bee II

Criminal Alliance
Legal Status
Not sanctioned by any government.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Primarily Earth
Group Alliances

Justice League Revenge Squad: Automatons created by a hardlight projector to mimic members of the Justice League, which are remotely controlled by the Injustice Gang via technological telepathy.

Base of Operations
Injustice Gang Satellite
Resources of members.
Common Enemies

Justice League

Regularly Appearing


Justice League of America

First Appearance

Injustice Gang of the World

Justice League of America #111 (June, 1974)

Injustice Gang

JLA #10 (Sept. 1997)


Injustice Gang of the World

Len Wein & Dick Dillin

Injustice Gang

Grant Morrison & Howard Porter


Injustice Gang of the World

In a plot to gain omnipotence, Libra creates a gang of super-villains to distract the Justice League, so that he could test his Energy Transmortifier, a device capable of transferring half of the universal energy into his own body.

Ultimately his goal failed when the energy proved more than Libra anticipated, dispersing his now insane essence throughout the Universe.

The group was briefly reformed under the leadership of Poison Ivy.

Injustice Gang

In a plot to take control of the world Lex Luthor allied himself with a cadre of super-powered criminals, dubbing themselves the Injustice League.