Flash Family
Nick Name
Fastest Family Alive
Founding Members

Flash I

Flash II

Kid Flash I / Flash III

Extended Family

Jessie Quick I

Kid Flash III

Max Mercury

Future Members

Flash I of the 23rd Century

Flash II of the 23rd Century

Flash of the 27th & 853rd Century

Flash I of the 28th Century

Flash II of the 28th Century

Impulse III

Kid Flash II

Tornado Twins



Affiliation of superhero related either through blood or friendship who access the Speed Force.

Legal Status
Citizens of the United States.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Alliances

Justice League

Justice Society

Teen Titans


Base of Operations
Resources of family members.
Common Enemies
Cobalt Blue Dynasty
Regularly Appearing
The Flash Vol. 1 & 2
First Meeting of Flash I & Flash II
Flash Vol. 1 #123 (Sept. 1961)
Gardner Fox & Carmine Infantino

The legacy of the Flash began with Jay Garrick, a university science student, who as the result of a chemical accident gained access to the Speed Force. Although Garrick and his wife were childless, his heroism would inspire others to carry on his legacy.

When police chemist Barry Allen gained supersonic powers from a bolt of lightening which struck him in his lab, he adopted the mantle of his childhood hero becoming the Flash.

Allen's nephew Wally West would coincidentally also become subject to a similar accident which would allow him to become his uncle's sidekick and eventually inherit his mentor's name and mantle as the Flash.

Into the future numerous heroes either related to Allen and West or inspired by the legend spawned by Garrick will adopt the name Flash, creating a dynasty of heroes which will exist for thousands of years.