Arrow Family
Nick Name
Founding Members

Green Arrow I

Speedy I

Common Members

Arsenal III

Black Canary II

Green Arrow I

Green Arrow II

Speedy II

Former Members
Affiliation of vigilante archers associated and mostly trained by Green Arrow.
Legal Status
Not sanctioned by the United States Government.
Nation or Planet of Origin
United States
Group Alliances

Birds of Prey

Justice League

Justice Society

Teen Titans


Outsiders II

Base of Operations
Star City, California
Resources of family members and the fortune of Oliver Queen.
Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing

Green Arrow Vol. 1 & 2

More Fun Comics

First Appearance
More Fun Comics #73 (Nov. 1941)
Mort Weisinger & Paul Norris
The Arrow Family began with the adoption of Roy Harper Jr. (Speedy I). In time Oliver Queen (Green Arrow I) built an extended family of heroes based upon varying relationships; lovers, children he never knew and children he rescued from the street - forging them into a family that fights for justice with their wits and formidable archery skills.