Hidden Land

Nick Name
Paradise Island
Indigenous Inhabitants
Immigrant Inhabitants

Greek Amazons

Egyptian Bana-Mighdall


Aegean Sea or Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

Note: During the Crisis on Infinite Earths the Olympic gods changed location of Themyscira. All that is truly known is that it is hidden.

Notable Cities



Notable Structures or Monuments

Coliseum: Arena where test of skill and war are tested.

Forbidden Island: Distant island inhabited by menacing life-forms.

Kanga Racetrack: Arena where skills of kanga riding are tested and races are enjoyed.

Reform Island: Prison where criminal Amazons are reformed.

Science Island: Bridged island where scientific experiments are conducted.

Temple of Aphrodite: Royal palace that occupies the highest point of Themyscira.

Notable Residents

Artemis (Artemis II / Requiem / Shim'Tar / Wonder Woman II)

Diana (Wonder Woman I)

Donna Troy (Wonder Girl II / Troia)

Hippolyta (Wonder Woman III)


Fountain of Eternal Youth: natural spring whose waters retard the process of age.

Kangas: Large kangaroos bred by the Amazons as beast of burden.

Magic Sphere: Orb in which one can view the past, present or possible future.

Memory Chair: Sitting device used to illicit or erase memory.

Special or Unusual Properties

Hidden by mist of concealment from the outside world.

Supposedly if men step foot on the island the Amazons will lose their powers and immortality.

Regularly Appearing

All Star Comics

Wonder Woman Vol. 1 & 2

First Appearance
All Star Comics #8 (Winter, 1941)
Dr. William Moulton Marston & Harry G. Peter

Hippolyta and her sister Antiope ruled the nation of Themyscira until their island city was razed by the Greek Theseus and the ransacking demigod Heracles.

Raped and humiliated by Heracles, Hippolyta led her Amazons to freedom. She and her followers were led by the Olympian goddesses Aphrodite to an island paradise, where they rebuilt the nation of Themyscira.