Business or Organization
LexCorp International
Nick Name
Former CEOs

Alexander "Lex" Joseph Luthor

Talia Head

Primary Service or Goal
Civilian and military technology, industry and services.
Legal Status
International Corporation
LexCorp Towers, Metropolis
Notable Employees

Resources common to any multi-national corporation.

Patients of Lex Luthor, including one derived from Kryptonian technology and future technology derived from Brainiac 13.

Common Competitors
STAR Labs.
Regularly Appearing

Action Comics

Adventures of Superman

Superman Vol. 1 & 2

Superman: The Man of Steel

First Appearance
Action Comics #23 (April, 1940)
Jerry Siegel & Al Plastino

The son of working class parents, Lex Luthor decided to not follow in their impoverished footsteps. At an early age he made considerable contacts with members of organized crime, but never took a direct hand in any thing illegal himself. As a teenager he arranged for his parents to have an automobile accident for which he would be the sole recipient of a sizable insurance settlement.

Using his small fortune he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). An aggressive student he graduated in record time and turned his genius toward patenting new inventions, which made him quite wealthy in a short time. Investing his fortune he built an industrial empire in the greatest city in the world to reach every corner of the Earth calling it LexCorp International.