Hideout or Headquarters
Justice League Satellite
Nick Name

Justice League

Note: Built by Green Lantern II, Hawkman III and Superman utilizing Thanagarian technology.

Maintenance and resources donated by Oliver Queen (Green Arrow I).

Primary Service or Goal
Headquarters and logistics base for the Justice League.

Legal Status
Geosynchronous orbit 22,300 miles above Earth.
Notable Employees

A Deck: Monitors with satellite defense and interdimensional screen.

B Deck: Contains a meeting room, souvenir room and museum, laboratory and computer monitor.

C Deck: Contains gymnasium, swimming pool, archery range, medical facilities and dining facilities.

D Deck: Living quarters and lounge.

E Deck: Guest quarters, audio/visual facilities, arts and crafts facilities and lounge.

F Deck: Life support and artificial gravity generators.

Resources and Technology

Force Field Generator: Device used to generate a magnetic field to protect the satellite from external attacks.

Grapple Beam: External device used to magnetically draw objects toward the satellite.

Teleportation Tubes: Device based upon Thangarian technology used to transport organic and inorganic matter via a network located in secret locations.

Regularly Appearing
Justice League of America
First Appearance
Justice League of America #78 (Feb. 1970)
Denny O'Neil & Dick Dillin

After the discovery of the Justice League's mountain headquarters by their foes the team relocated to a more secure location, space.

Utilizing alien technology from the planet Thanagar; Green Lantern, Hawkman and Superman constructed a large satellite headquarters in Earth's orbit.

The satellite headquarters served as the Justice League's base of operations for a number of years until it was rendered uninhabitable by a Martian invasion. The remnants of the satellite eventually would plunge through Earth's atmosphere serving as a harbinger of a looming crisis.