Business or Organization

Gotham City Police Department
Nick Name

James Gordon

Sarah Essen-Gordon

Michael Akins

Primary Service or Goal
Police Force
Legal Status
Sanctioned by the local government of Gotham City.
Gotham City
Batman I
Notable Employees Past and Present

Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon

Commissioner Michael Akins

Detective Caz Sallucci

Detective Crispus Allen

Detective Harvey Bullock

Detective Kevin "Survivor" Soong

Detective Mackenzie "Hardback" Bock

Detective Renee Montoya

Detective Vincent Del Arrazio

Lieutenant Stan Kitch

Sergeant Amy Rohrbach

Sergeant Billy Pettit


Batsignal: High powered beacon with the shape of a bat in the center of the light to project an image on low clouds or buildings.

Resources of a major metropolitan police force.

Common Competitors
Regularly Appearing


Detective Comics

Gotham Central

First Appearance
Detective Comics #27 (May, 1939)
Bill Finger & Bob Kane

Even before the days of the more colorful criminal element, Gotham City was reputed for its lawlessness and crime.

Fighting both corruption from outside as well as within it own ranks the honest officers of the Gotham City Police Department fight a seeming unending battle against crime.