Warlock II

Nick Name
Civilian ID

Warlock & Douglas Ramsey

Note: Warlock merged with the body of and possesses all the memories and emotions of his deceased friend Douglas Ramsey (Cypher).

Legal Status
Extraterrestrial with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation


New Mutants

Base of Operations
Eye Color
Black and Yellow
Hair Color
Known Powers

Extraterrestrial techno-organic meta-morph with superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability and flight; able to change shape and density, possessing the ability to transform organic matter into techno-organic matter for sustenance.

Note: The Technocracy possess a transmode virus with which they infect organic and inorganic species transforming them into sustenance. A side-effect of transmode infection is the transformation into the Phalanx; a hive-mind species compelled to draw the Technocracy to their location once they develop a sufficient population. The Phalanx's motivations are unknown because calling the Technocracy to their location assures their destruction.

Common Enemies
Magus II
Regularly Appearing

Excalibur Vol. 1

New Mutants Vol. 1

Warlock Vol. 3

First Appearance
New Mutants Vol. 1 #18 (Aug. 1984)
Chris Claremont & Bill Sienkiewicz

Warlock was a member of the Technocracy collective, also known as Phalanx, an alien monarchy of unknown galactic origin. Refusing to fight his father Magus, Warlock fled the Technocracy he made his way to Earth, where he befriended and became a member of the mutant training group known as the New Mutants.

Warlock merged with his friend Douglas Ramsey (Cypher), a mutant with the ability to understand any language, many times to battle their enemies including Magus. When merged the two referred to themselves as Douglock.

This merging eventually lead to Cypher becoming infected with the Transmode Virus, which would have eventually would have driven him insane, if he had not died first.

Cypher died as the result of protecting fellow teammate Wolfsbane from the bullet of Dr. Animus. Warlock would later "die" during the X-Tinction Agenda. Warlock was buried beside his friend Cypher, with whom he would later fully merge, taking the appearance of Douglas Ramsey. Although Ramsey is dead Warlock possesses all of his memories and personality traits allowing him to be more human.