Note: Tarzan translates in the dialect of the local apes as "White-Skin."

Nick Name

Lord of the Jungle

Tarzan of the Apes

Civilian ID
John Clayton Jr., Lord Greystoke


Jungle Lord

Legal Status
Subject of the United Kingdom, Lord of Greystoke Manor.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Congo, Africa
Group Affiliation
Base of Operations
Eye Color
Hair Color
Known Powers

Normal human in peak physical condition with excellent hand-to-hand combat and jungle survival skills.

Above normal intelligence.


Hunting Knife: Bladed weapon discovered in the cabin of his deceased parents.

Common Enemies
Regular Comics Appearances

Jungle Tales of Tarzan (Charlton)

March of Comics (Dell)

Tarzan (Blackthorne)

Tarzan (Dark Horse)

Tarzan (DC)

Tarzan (Dell/Gold Key)

Tarzan (Marvel)

Tarzan Family (DC)

Tarzan of the Apes (Dark Horse)

Tarzan the Untamed (Dark Horse)

First Appearance

Pulp Magazine

All-Story (Oct. 1912)

Newspaper Strips

Tarzan of the Apes (Jan. 7, 1929)


Four Color #134 (Feb. 1947)

Note: Tarzan first appeared in the pulp magazines of the early 20th Century and would be depicted in newspaper strips, illustrated books, movies and radio serials before he appeared in comic books. Tarzan's first comics appearance was in Tip Top Comics #1 (April, 1936) by United Features Syndicate, which reprinted newspaper strips of the character. Reprints of the strips had also appeared in hardcover books during the early 1930's.

Tarzan would appear in various comics of the 1930's and 1940's as either text stories or illustrated adaptations of Edgar Rice Burroughs' stories. The first original story featuring Tarzan appeared in Dell's Four Color #134 in a story titled "Tarzan and the Devil Ogre."

Edgar Rice Burroughs

During the late 19th Century a young English nobleman John Clayton, Lord Greystoke was assigned to a diplomatic duty in West Africa. Not desiring the duty due to his newlywed wife Lady Alice being pregnant, she encouraged her husband to serve in the duty of the royal crown.

After reaching the African coast, Lord and Lady Greystoke acquired transport aboard a small ship lead by a cruel captain. During the course of their journey tempers became strained between the ship's officers and crew when the captain assaulted and elderly sailor. The old sailor was defended by a few crewmates known as Black Michael. When the captain sought to shoot Black Michael down Lord Greystoke intervened and what would have been a fatal shot became a wound.

Within days the crew mutinied under the leadership of Black Michael. Owing Lord Greystoke his life, Black Michael set Lord and Lady Greystoke upon an unknown shore with their possessions and provisions, partly to protect him and partly to protect them from the ship's crew.

Overcoming despair Lord and Lady Greystoke made shelter until such time that the British Navy would discover and rescue them that time never came. Within a month Lady Greystoke gave birth to a son after an assault by a bull ape. Within the next year the couple survived additional assaults, but eventually they both perished, Alice from grief and John from an ape attack shortly after her death, leaving their toddler son alone in the jungle.

Amongst the throng of apes that investigated the crude cabin built by Lord Greystoke was a female who had recently lost her child. When she discovered the human offspring she adopted him as her own.

Protected and nursed by his adopted mother, he developed physically slower than the ape children, but the boy was more intelligent than his fellow tribe members. Using his intelligence to survive in time his physical strength would begin to match that of the other beasts of the jungle and he would become known as Tarzan, Lord of the Apes.

Sword of Omens