Nick Name
Kingdom Come Superman
Civilian ID


Adopted Name

Clark Joseph Kent




Legal Status
Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Group Affiliation

Justice League

Justice Society

Base of Operations

Metropolis, Earth-22

New York, Earth-1

6' 3"
240 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Black, with White Temples
Known Powers

Solar enhanced biologically typical Kryptonian possessing superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, invulnerability, super-sonic flight, laser vision, x-ray vision, macroscopic and microscopic vision, acute senses, hurricane-force and super-cooled breath, ability to live without nutrition, liquid, air or rest for long periods of time and an extremely long life expectancy.

Invulnerability is derived from a biological aura, which can be extended to other objects and beings within close proximity.

Above average intelligence with skills as an investigative journalist.

Note: Superman is unable to see through the element Lead.

Due to prolonged exposure to yellow solar radiation Superman of Earth-22 is no longer vulnerable to red solar radiation or Kryptonite radiation; presumable he is still vulnerable to Kryptonian viruses and magic.

Kryptonite is a radioactive element native to the extinct planet Krypton, and depending on its color qualities, effects Superman in different ways. Green Kryptonite is deadly.

Xarxas is a Kryptonian virus which causes havoc with the mental reason and abilities of superhuman Kryptonians eventually resulting in coma and then death.

Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing
Kingdom Come
First Appearance
Kingdom Come #1 (May, 1996)
Mark Waid & Alex Ross

Before Krypton's destruction Jor-El rocketed his only son Kal-El to a primitive planet called Earth. Kal-El was discovered by a Kansas farm couple, John and Martha Kent, who raised the alien as their son Clark.

Upon maturity Clark exhibited incredible powers derived from his exposure to the yellow solar radiation of Earth's sun. With the moral guidance of his adopted parents and the inherited strength of his earth-bound Kryptonian biology, Clark became the worlds first superhero, Superman.

As a new generation of heroes replaced the old-guard, their methods were more violent with no regard for the law. Chief among these new "heroes" was Magog, who ended the Joker's criminal career with homicidal justice. Brought to trial by Superman, Magog was acquitted and his methods were endorsed by the public. Feeling ineffectual Superman retired back to his family farm, until events forced his reluctant return to battle against injustice.