Supergirl III
Nick Name

Angel of Fire

Girl of Steel

Maid of Might

Civilian ID

Linda Danvers

Note: Linda Danvers was originally bonded to an extra-dimensional shape-shifting entity known as the Matrix which had powers similar to Superman.



Art Teacher


Legal Status


Artificial being created in the Time Trapper pocket universe.

Linda Danvers

Citizen of the United States with a criminal record.

Nation or Planet of Origin


Metropolis of the Time Trapper pocket universe.

Linda Danvers

Leesburg, Virginia

Group Affiliation

Strike Force Superman

Teen Titans

Base of Operations
Leesburg, Virginia
5' 11"
140 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color

Supergirl: Blonde

Linda Danvers: Brown

Known Powers

Merging with an artificial being enabling super-strength, speed, agility, stamina, invulnerability, super-sonic flight, telepathy, telekinesis, invisibility, intangibility, fire vision, manifest wings of fire, acute senses, ability to change shape and mass, ability to live without nutrition, liquid, air or rest for long periods of time.

Artificially long life expectancy.

Note: Danvers eventually became separated from the artificial being known as Matrix, but retained many of her abilities.

Blonde Wig: Hairpiece used as a disguise.
Common Enemies






Gorilla Grodd

Lex Luthor

Regularly Appearing

Action Comics

Adventures of Superman

Supergirl Vol. 3 & 4

Superman Vol. 2

First Appearance


Superman Vol. 2 #16 (April, 1988)

Supergirl III

Action Comics #674 (Feb. 1992)



John Byrne

Supergirl III

Roger Stern & Bob McLeod


The Earth in the Time Trapper universe was being threatened by three Kryptonian criminals accidentally released from the Phantom Zone by that dimensions Lex Luthor. In a desperate fight to stop these murderous invaders the benevolent Luthor created a protoplasmic shape-shifting being from the genetic matrix of his deceased wife Lana Lang and modeled it's powers after that of the long missing Superboy.

Unable to oppose the Kryptonians on her own Matrix traveled to Earth Prime to enlist the aid of Superman. In the ensuing war the planet was decimated leaving a badly injured Matrix the sole survivor. Superman left Matrix in the care of his adopted parents, the Kents.

After healing, Matrix assumed the identity of Superman more out of confusion than any malevolent motivation. Convinced it was not Superman, Matrix went into exile in space wandering without purpose until returning to Earth and encountering Linda Danvers.

The emotionally damaged Danvers had become associated with a cult leader whose purpose for her was to become a human sacrifice. Matrix rescued Danvers before the sacrifice could be completed, but she was severely wounded and dying. At the moment of her death Matrix merged with Danvers restoring her life. The merging gave the directionless Matrix a soul and human identity while Danvers regained her sense of hope and purpose as Supergirl.