Ma & Pa Kent
Nick Name
Civilian ID

Martha (Ma) Clark Fordman Kent

Jonathan (Pa) Kent


Ma: Homemaker

Pa: Farmer

Legal Status
Citizens of the United States with no criminal records.
Nation or Planet of Origin
Smallville, Kansas
Group Affiliation
Base of Operations
Kent Farm, Lowell County, Kansas

Ma:5' 2"

Pa: 5' 8"


Ma:150 lbs.

Pa: 185 lbs.

Eye Color

Ma: Blue

Pa: Blue

Hair Color

Ma: Brown, now white

Pa: Brown, now white

Known Powers
Normal human beings with typical rural mid-western values.
Items typical to a farm and farm household.
Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing

Action Comics

Adventure Comics

Adventures of Superman

Superman Vol. 1 & 2

Superman: The Man of Steel

First Appearance
Superman Vol. 1 #1 (Summer, 1939)
Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster

Both growing up in Smallville, Kansas, many thought that Jonathan and Martha were destined for marriage. But Jonathan was drafted into the war and was reported as missing in action, having been taken prisoner. After a year Martha accepted that Jonathan was dead and married department store owner Daniel Fordman.

After the war Jonathan returned to the place of his birth to discover his love had married another. Fate would intervene when Fordman would shortly die of cancer. Before he died Martha insisted that she not inherit his fortune.

After a period of grieving Martha and Jonathan were married, but despite several attempts they were unable to have children.

Once again fate intervened when the Kents would discover a small spacecraft with an infant on board. The Kents raised the alien boy as their own naming him Clark and instilling in him the values that would serve him as Earth's greatest champion, Superman.