Alien Species
Nick Name
Origin Galaxy
Milky Way Galaxy
Star System

Hawkgirl II

Hawkgirl III

Hawkman II

Hawkman III

Hawkman IV

Hawkwoman II

Hawkwoman III

Isamot Kol

Onimar Synn

Group Affiliation
Base of Operations
Thanagar, Polaris System
Body Type
Average Height
Normal Human
Average Weight

Male: ~150 - 250 lbs.

Female:~100 - 150 lbs.

Average Eye Type & Color
Normal Human
Average Hair Type & Color
Normal Human
Average Skin Type & Tone
Normal Human

Highly Advanced: Achieving interstellar star travel utilizing Nth metal.

Note: Nth metal contains a wide variety of abilities besides flight; including increased strength, speed, agility, resistance to cold and heat, accelerated healing, heightened senses and others which have not yet been revealed.

Prolonged exposure to Nth metal allows the user to utilizes its abilities to a lesser degree when they have no immediate physical contact with the element.


Military Dictatorship: Military caste system devoted to imperial expansion.

Known Powers
No super-human abilities.
Resources and technology of the planet Thanagar.
Common Enemies
Regularly Appearing

The Atom and Hawkman

The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1

Hawkman Vol. 1, 2 & 3

Hawkworld Vol. 1 & 2

Rann-Thanagar War

First Appearance
The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1 #34 (Feb.-Mar. 1961)
Gardner Fox & Joe Kubert

A highly advanced science-rich society, Thanagar was a world without poverty or strife, until it was invaded by a plundering alien race known as the Manhawks.

Forming a military police force to deal with the threat of the Manhawks, Thanagar became an increasingly militant and disparate society divided along a caste system where the aliens from worlds conquered live in squalor while the native born Thanagarians live in towering spires like hawks in a aviary.